Maryland City of Baltimore Sued for $210 Million Over Public Strip Search

A Maryland man is suing Baltimore’s Police Department for $210 million. Daryl A Martin, 35, claims that a group of rogue police officers apprehended him at gun point and, in front of 30 people, made him take his clothes off and conducted a search inside his rectum. This is the second federal lawsuit filed in less than a year accusing Baltimore police officers that belonged to a “Special Enforcement Team” of engaging in civil rights violations.

Martin is a retail shop manager and a Navy veteran who has never been charged with committing a crime. He alleges that he was strip searched because he is black.

Martin’s 43-page complaint says that on April 26, 2006, he and a friend were driving in a Buick Lucerne when their vehicle was pulled over by two sets of Baltimore police officers. Officer Antonio Rodriguez allegedly asked for Martin’s vehicle registration and license, told both occupants to get out of the vehicle, and searched the car. Officer Shakil Moss is accused of putting on a rubber glove, taking the plaintiff’s pants and underwear off, and inserting a finger inside his rectum. A crowd reportedly witnessed the strip search.

Martin reported the search incident. A lab test showed that the glove used by Moss also had DNA from Martin. In his lawsuit, Martin accuses the Baltimore Police Department of tolerating the officers’ conduct.

In another lawsuit filed last March, the plaintiffs accused Moss and other police officers of illegally apprehending, searching, terrorizing, and humiliating residents without just cause.

Police Brutality

Any act of police violence is a crime and violates a person’s civil rights. The US constitution also says that people have the right to not be subject to illegal searches and seizures.

If you were assaulted, abused, or violated by a police officer or another law enforcement official, your civil rights have been violated and you may be entitled to compensation for the harm that you have suffered as a victim of police brutality.

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