12-Year Old Maryland Boy Suffers Critical Head Injuries In Car Accident In Germantown

Carson Daniel Fehner, 12, was seriously injured last Tuesday when the minivan that his mother was driving turned left into the path of a tow truck. He sustained critical head trauma and was airlifted to Children’s National Medical Center in Washington D.C. His mother, Terri, was not hurt in the car accident, and police say that side airbags may have saved the boy’s life.

Terri, 51, had turned left from Germantown Road in front of the path of a truck that was towing another vehicle. Both vehicles had green lights. The tow truck’s driver, Earl Jobe, 48, did not sustain injuries.

In the United States, about 5 million Americans suffer from traumatic brain injury. Traumatic brain injuries are caused by car accidents, motorcycle accidents, sports injuries, falls, and truck crashes.

Kinds of Head injuries:

· Concussions
· Brain damage
· Cerebral contusions
· Indirect trauma
· Diffuse axonal injury
· Hypoxia
· Direct trauma
· Hematoma
· Edema
· Intercerebral hemorrhage
· Hygroma
· Hydrocephalus
· Epidural hematoma
· Subdural hematoma

Signs that a brain injury has taken place:

· Loss of consciousness
· Post traumatic amnesia
· Concussion
· Encephalopathy
· Focal Neurological Signs
· Seizure

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