$15 Million Maryland Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed by Family of Paramedic Killed During 2008 Prince George’s County Medevac Crash

The family of Mickey Lippy has filed a $15 million Maryland wrongful death complaint against the federal government. Lippy, a paramedic, died during a 2008 medevac crash in Prince George’s County. The helicopter was transporting two teens from a Waldorf car crash site when the catastrophic aviation accident happened.

According to the National Transportation Safety Board, the deadly Maryland helicopter crash that claimed four peoples lives was caused by pilot error/inexperience, increased workload, and possible fatigue, as well as mistakes made by air traffic controllers, who gave the flight crew outdated weather data.

Per the family’s Maryland wrongful death lawsuit, the weather information given to the medevec pilot was “hours old” and suggested significantly better visibility than what actually existed at the time. The complaint accuses Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) air traffic controllers of not paying proper attention and “unresponsiveness.”

After pilot Stephen Bunker asked for help landing the chopper because he was having problems with the aircraft’s electronic navigation aid, the Andrews Air Force Base controller told him that she wasn’t “current” on the procedure, which would have involved using the ground-based radar. She did not try to provide additional help or ask about what the pilot instead intended to do.

Bunker, EMT Tonya Mallard, and 17-year-old car accident victim Ashley Younger, were also killed in the September 27, 2008 medevac accident. The other car accident victim, Jordan Wells, is the one person who survived the Maryland aviation accident. She has had to undergo over 20 surgeries since then.

Lippy’s widow, Westminster resident Christina Lippy and her 2-year-old daughter Madison are seeking $15 million for numerous injuries and losses, including emotional pain and suffering, mental suffering, loss of parental care, and loss of companionship. $1 million is being sought for the pain, suffering, and fear Lippy experienced prior to the tragic chopper crash.

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