AAA Mid-Atlantic Offers Teen Drivers Tips On How To Drive In Winter Conditions

The AAA recently released driving suggestions for teen drivers who may not be used to driving in snow conditions. Here are some of the tips:

· Supervise your teen driver while he or she practices driving in snow or ice; let your teenager practice steering and hard breaking in skidding conditions
· Think about letting your teen driver only drive during daylight hours where they can see the weather and road conditions more clearly
· Try to avoid letting your teen driver’s first experience driving in winter weather be during a big snowstorm
· Remind your teen driver that drinking while driving will only make driving in winter conditions even more dangerous

· Ensure that your teenager’s motor vehicle has emergency equipment, such as a flashlight, cell phone, jumper cables, and an ice scraper.

Here are a few teen driver fatality statistics:

· Teen drivers make up 14% of all motor vehicle-related deaths
· 45% of the time that a teen driver was killed in a car accident, he or she was driving with another teenager in the car
· 1/3 of teen driver fatalities are speeding-related

Common causes of accidents when teen drivers are at the wheel:

· Not paying attention to the roads or weather conditions
· Driving too fast
· Not wearing a safety belt
· Tiredness
· Driving with other teenagers

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