Baltimore Motorist Runs Red Light, Crashes into Building, and Then Flees on Bike; One Seriously Injured

Earlier last month in Baltimore, one man was seriously injured when his vehicle was hit by another motorist who was allegedly fleeing from police after they found out he was operating what they believed to be a stolen vehicle. According to one local Baltimore news source, police were first flagged down by a civilian who reported that a car was stolen. Police began following the car but had to stop because traffic conditions were heavy, and the pursuit became too dangerous.

Evidently, a few moments later, a different police officer who was stopped at a red light saw the same car run a red light and then crash into a building around Fallsway and Gay Streets. Sometime between the time when the first officer lost sight of the man and when the second officer saw the man run the light, the fleeing motorist collided with another vehicle. Details of that collision are not known at this time, but that man was taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

Once the red-light-running motorist crashed his vehicle into the building, he allegedly got out, stole a bicycle from a nearby cyclist, and began to flee the scene. It was not long until police were able to catch up to the man and arrest him.

The Intersection of Criminal and Civil Cases

The article discussed above illustrates how criminal law can intersect with civil law in cases where one person’s allegedly criminal actions result in bodily injury or property damage to another. As noted in the paragraphs above, the police have arrested and charged the man with several offenses resulting from his initial flight from police and the injuries he caused as a result. If the man is convicted of these criminal charges, he will face potential jail time, mandatory probation supervision, and possibly other criminal sanctions. However, that may do little to compensate the accident victim who was hospitalized as a result of the driver’s actions.

In order for the accident victim to recover compensation, that person would have to file a civil case against the driver of the car, seeking damages for the injuries he sustained due to the driver’s conduct. While there are different elements that must be proven in a civil case, it is also different from a criminal case in that the case must only be proven “by a preponderance of the evidence,” rather than “beyond a reasonable doubt.” Roughly speaking, this means that the plaintiff must prove that it was more likely than not that the defendant driver’s actions were the cause of the plaintiff’s injuries. If you have questions about an accident you were involved in, contact a dedicated Maryland accident attorney.

Are You Seeking the Assistance of a Personal Injury Attorney?

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