Calvert County Motorcyclist Killed and Three People Injured by SUV on Maryland Route 4

A 42-year-old Calvert County woman was killed on August 18 after the motorcycle she was riding on Lothian Road was hit from behind by an SUV. Anne Fordham Smith was ejected from her 2004 Harley-Davidson Dyna Low Rider by a 2003 Chevrolet Trailblazer driven by Vicki Denise Hanbury. Smith sustained multiple injuries and pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

Hanbury’s Trailblazer also struck a 1990 Toyota 4Runner being driven by 20-year-old Lothian resident Amber Renee Leyland. Leyland’s SUV rolled onto its roof, and she and her 4-month old infant passenger were treated for minor injuries and later released at Calvert Memorial Hospital. Hanbury was taken to the same hospital and treated for injuries also.

The US Department of Transportation’s National Highway Transportation Safety Administration says there were 42,815 motorcycle-related fatalities in 2002.

Because motorcyclists do not wear seat belts, they risk being thrown off their bike, being seriously injured, or killed in an accident.

The following safety tips can reduce the risks of death or injury during a motorcycle accident.

1. Watch blindspots as well as blindspots of other vehicles—especially trucks.

This allows for defensive driving and anticipating possible collisions.

2. Wear a helmet to protect your head in the event of an accident. It can sometimes be your only protection. Your helmet should meet US Dept. of Transportation safety standards. Make sure your helmet has a DOT-approved sticker.

3. Drive carefully, pay attention to the other vehicles around you, don’t ride in between lanes of traffic or share a lane with another vehicle, and follow the laws of the road.

4. Regularly conduct safety inspections on your bike to make sure everything is operating correctly.

5. Wear protective gear and clothing.

6. Do NOT Exceed the speed limit, and drive carefully at night.

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