Carroll County, Maryland Injury Lawsuit Seeks Damages for E.Coli Infection from Unpasteurized Apple Cider

In Carroll County Circuit court, Baltimore resident Nicholas Fickel is suing Baugher’s Orchard and Farm for Maryland personal injury. Fickel says he became ill after consuming Baugher’s unpasteurized apple cider last month.

Fickel says that his E. coli infection caused him to experience uncomfortable symptoms, including bloody diarrhea and painful stomach cramping. As his condition grew worse, he had to seek medical help. A lab test confirmed that Fickel was suffering from E. coli O157:H7.

Fickel isn’t the only one to complain of food poisoning after consuming Baugher’s apple cider. Health officials in Maryland say there are at least seven E. coli cases linked to the cider. Three people had to be hospitalized for their food poisoning. One person may now possibly have Hemolytic-Urenia Syndrome, which a type of kidney failure linked to E. coli poisoning.

In the wake of the complaints, Baugher’s has recalled its unpasteurized apple cider. Maryland and federal health officials are recommending that consumers stop drinking the cider and throw it away.

Products Liability

Food manufacturers can be held liable for Maryland products liability if the food item that they’ve made causes injury or illness to a consumer. E. coli food poisoning can occur as a result of the negligent preparation or manufacturing of food products.

While most people will recover from E. coli within a week, others, such as young children, people with weakened immune systems, and the elderly, are at higher risk of getting seriously ill. Kidney damage and death can result. You may have grounds for a Maryland E. coli lawsuit.

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