Crofton Family to File $10 Million Maryland Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Anne Arundel County School Board and Parents of Teens Convicted of 14-Year-Old’s Fatal Beating

The parents of Christopher Jones are filing a $10 million Maryland wrongful death lawsuit against the Anne Arundel County School Board, five teenagers, and one adult. Jones, 14, sustained a fatal head injury last May when he fell to the ground during a beating. Police say the incident was a youth gang beating.

Jones did not belong to any gang. His mother accused gang members at the school he attended of assaulting her son.

Two teens were convicted of manslaughter in Jones’s beating death. Jones’ family is to seek $8 million in Anne Arundel County wrongful death compensation from the teens’ parents and $200,000 from the school board.

Maryland Wrongful Death

If someone you love died because he or she became the victim of a violent crime, you may have grounds for filing a Maryland wrongful death lawsuit. Even if your loved one knew the assailant, the attacker never intended to kill the victim, prosecutors decided not to file criminal charges, or the defendant was acquitted in criminal court, you can still pursue a separate case seeking compensation for your loss, pain, and suffering.

Violent crimes that can be grounds for a Maryland injury lawsuit if someone gets hurt or dies:

• Murder
• Rape
• Assault and battery
• Domestic violence crimes
• Molestation
• Sexual assault
• Shooting crimes
• Stabbing incidents

In Maryland, you have three years from the date of the victim’s death to file your wrongful death complaint. Although nothing can make up for losing someone you love, you can hold the responsible party liable for their actions and your losses.

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