East Baltimore Woman Is Victim of Pit Bull Attack

Two pit bulls attacked a woman as she walked close to her home in East Baltimore. The woman, Ruby Pulley, sustained bite injuries on more than 90% of her body. An armed security officer arrived at the scene and shot one of the dogs. The other dog fled to its home.

Pulley, age 53, was taken to Johns Hopkins Hospital where her scratches and bites were treated.

In Maryland, a dog owner cannot leave a dog unattended unless the dog is locked in the house or placed in a secure area outdoors where the dog cannot get out. Maryland defines a “dangerous dog” as a dog that has either seriously injured or killed a person or another animal, a dog that attacks others without being provoked, or a dog that authorities have named as “potentially dangerous” and then injures someone.

The rights of a dog bite victim will very depending on the city and state where the dog attack occurred. Dog bite victims can be eligible to file a personal injury claim if a negligent person were responsible for the attack, the dog owner knew that the dog had attacked another person at least one time before this incident, and the dog owner or person in charge of the dog at the time of the attack violated the dog laws in his or her state.

Here is a list of some dog breeds that are commonly considered dangerous:

• Rottweiler
• Pit Bulls
• Akitas
• Boxers
• Doberman Pinschers

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