Establishing Fault and Recovering Compensation after a Maryland Red Light Accident

Red-light running is a frequent occurrence that can have deadly consequences on Maryland drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. In Maryland, red-light running refers to situations when a vehicle enters an intersection at any point after the signal changes. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, most recent statistics indicate that nearly 850 people died in a traffic accident invovling red-light running. Many cities and towns throughout the United States implement red-light cameras to deter negligent driving. While these reduce the rate of fatalities, serious accidents continue to occur.

For instance, Maryland news reports described a fatal crash in St. Leonard, MD. According to witness statements, physical evidence, and vehicular damage, it appears that a Jeep driver failed to stop at a left turn light and ran a red light. The Jeep driver attempted to pass a tow truck and turned when the signal was red. As the Jeep driver turned, a Ford pickup truck entered the intersection and slammed into the Jeep. The Jeep driver and a 13-year old passenger suffered serious injuries, and a 16-year-old passenger died from his injuries. The Ford driver and passenger did not request medical treatment.

Establishing liability after a red-light collision can pose challenges. Even in cases where the other driver receives a ticket or citation, the injury vicitm must still prove negligence. An attorney can assist claimants in gathering and presenting compelling evidence. Some common forms of evidence after a red-light accident include:

  • Red light camera footage;
  • Forensic analyst reports;
  • Damage reports;
  • Witness statements;
  • Medical records; and
  • Accident reconstructionist reports.

This evidence is critical to recovering compensation for injuries and losses in Maryland. The state’s strict contributory negligence laws bar recovery if there is evidence that the victim was responsible for their damages. Even though it is illegal to run a red light in Maryland, a defendant may try to point to some conduct that shows that the victim was responsible. However, a victim’s attorney can use their skills, knowledge, and resources to combat any defense or contributory negligence claim a defendant poses.

What can you do to prevent a red light accident?

Maryland drivers should take all steps to avoid a red-light accident, including the situation before crossing through a yellow light. A few seconds is not worth the potential risk of injury. Further, drivers should slow down, remain alert, and wait before going on a green light. Unfortunately, not all drivers follow these basic safety tips. Those injured in a Maryland red light accident should speak with a personal injury attorney about how they can hold the negligent driver financially responsible.

Have You Suffered Injuries Because of a Negligent Driver?

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