Family of Motorcyclist Struck by Ambulance in Maryland Sues Anne Arundel County for Wrongful Death

The parents of Gene Sergent, a motorcyclist who died after his motorcycle collided with an ambulance in Maryland City on September 14, 2007 has filed a $4.4 million wrongful death lawsuit.

John A. Turkette and Frieda L. Sergent say that witnesses saw the driver of the ambulance, Darrel E. Blount, run a red light when his emergency lights were off. They are accusing him of causing the accident.

Their allegations contradict the Anne Arundel County police’s report that it was Sergent that ran a red light on Route 198 in front of the Maryland City Plaza shopping center. An Assistant County lawyer has acknowledged that there are report discrepancies among the witness reports.

The investigation that determined Sergent was at fault closed in April. Those findings were primarily based on police findings. According to Anne Arundel County police, Firefighter Blount was exiting the shopping center in his ambulance when Sergent drove his sport bike into the motor vehicle.

Sergent’s mother, however, claims that police can’t be trusted to be unbiased, because the “police department and fire department” are family. She and Turkette are suing Blount and Anne Arundel County. The lawsuit was filed in US District Court in Baltimore. Frieda L. Sergent says she is determined to clear her son’s name.

Whether you are a Maryland resident or someone from outside the state who was seriously injured or lost a loved one in a Maryland motorcycle accident, our wrongful death lawyers would like to talk to you. Even if police reports indicate that you or your loved one caused the accident, there may be evidence that proves otherwise. If so, you could be entitled to receive personal injury or wrongful death recovery.

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