Family of Woman Killed in Hit-and-Run Bakery Truck Collision in Maryland Files $30M Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The family of a 69-year-old woman killed in a hit-and-run accident collision last September in Rockville, Maryland has filed a $30 Million civil lawsuit.

Ketty Emilce Alvarado died after allegedly being struck by a bakery truck driven by David Marc Friedlander on the morning of September 26, 2006 at the intersection of Redland Road and Crabbs Branch Way. She had been walking in the area with her husband. Her body was dragged for more than a mile down Crabbs Branch Way Road after the crash.

Alvarado’s spouse and children are asking for $10 million dollars in wrongful death damages, $10 million in punitive damages, and $10 million in compensatory damages from the truck driver and H & S Bakery, the Baltimore-based employer that he works for.

Alvarado’s family is accusing Friedlander of either refusing to or neglecting to stop his vehicle and stay at the accident scene after hitting her with his truck. He is also accused of failing to return to the accident scene, notifying police of the accident, and calling medics to help Alvarado. The lawsuit claims that the driver acted with malice and left the accident scene on purpose.

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety said in 2003 that 18% of Americans killed on roads are hit-and-run crash victims.

According to

“Walking is by far the most dangerous mode of travel per mile. Although only 8.6 percent of all trips are made on foot, 11.4 percent of all traffic deaths are pedestrians. And while the 2001 fatality rate per 100 million miles traveled is 0.75 for public transit riders, 1.3 for drivers and their passengers, 7.3 for passengers of commercial airlines, the fatality rate for walkers is an astonishing 20.1 deaths per 100 million miles walked.”

Following Alvarado’s pedestrian hit-and-run death, police asked the public for help finding the hit-and-run driver.

Friedlander is also facing criminal charges. Last February, a Montgomery County grand jury indicted him on felony hit and run for the deadly accident. He has been charged with two misdemeanor charges and two felony charges of Driver to Remain at Scene/Accident Resulting in Bodily Injury or Death.

A motions hearing is scheduled for July 20. Friedlander’s trial begins in August. A settlement/pretrial hearing is set for March 2008.

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