Father Files Lawsuit Following Daughter’s Purported Liposuction Surgery Related Death

A man recently filed a lawsuit against a surgeon, a cosmetic surgery company, and its parent company, on behalf of his daughter whom he claims died following a liposuction procedure at the facility.

The suit claims that the woman died following the procedure in which the surgeon purportedly anesthetized by inserting a propofol-soaked rag into her mouth, and accidentally pierced her liver, among other claims.

The man’s daughter died in February, and according to a police report a second woman died in June following a procedure at the same facility.

According to the lawsuit, the medical center engaged in the following acts:

  • failed to record patient’s vital signs prior to surgery
  • did not have nurses present in the room during surgery
  • did not place the patient onto a cardiac monitor during the surgery
  • Administered propofol to the patient by placing a rag into the patients mouth (which was reportedly not recorded by the facility’s records)
  • surgeon purportedly stabbed the patient’s liver with a trocar during the surgery

The lawsuit makes many other accusations, including that the staff allegedly did not call 911 for some 10 minutes after the patient began exhibiting signs of cardiac arrest. A later police investigation showed that the patient had in fact demonstrated symptoms consistent with having a seizure when she was awakening from the procedure.

The patient was pronounced dead on arrival once she arrived at the local emergency room.

The lawsuit is seeking damages for wrongful death, pain and suffering, professional negligence, and funeral expenses.

Based upon the allegations the plaintiff in this lawsuit is making, the main basis for the claims centers on a theory of medical malpractice. Essentially, a medical malpractice claim alleges that the medical professional performed negligently as compared with how other similarly situated medical professionals in the same general field or geographic location would have done. For example, based on the emphasis regarding a failure to record vital signs or use a cardiac monitor, we can assume that the plaintiff is claiming that these failures were negligent, and that the failure to do them (in addition to the other allegations), was responsible for causing the woman’s injury and ultimate death.

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