Female Hagerstown Pedestrian Dies In Car Accident On Maryland’s U.S. 40

Mary Dorothy Reinhardt, a Hagerstown resident, was hit by a 1993 Honda Del Sol in a pedestrian accident last Friday, while walking eastward on U.S. 40 in the travel lane. Maryland State Police say she later died at Washington County Hospital.

The driver of the Honda, 28-year-old Rocky Lynn Bishop, was not injured during the accident.

• In 2005, 4,881 pedestrians were killed in traffic crashes in the United States — a decrease of 13 percent from the 5,584 pedestrians killed in 1995.

• On average, a pedestrian is killed in a traffic crash every 108 minutes and injured in a traffic crash every 8 minutes.

• There were 64,000 pedestrians injured in traffic crashes in 2005.

• Most pedestrian fatalities in 2005 occurred in urban areas (74%), at non intersection locations (80%), in normal weather conditions (89%), and at

• night (67%).

• Pedestrian fatalities accounted for 83 percent of all nonoccupant fatalities in 2005. The 784 pedalcyclist fatalities accounted for 13 percent, and the remaining 3 percent were skateboard riders, roller skaters, etc.

Who may be liable in a pedestrian personal injury accident:

• A person who is negligent when driving a motor vehicle and strikes a pedestrian
• The pedestrian for acting negligently, resulting in a personal injury accident
• The company or persons responsible for maintaining the road, sidewalk, or other area where the pedestrian accident took place

It is important to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney who has a successful track record when handling pedestrian accidents.

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