Ford Motor Company Recalls 200,000 SUVs Over Dangerous Fire Risk

The manufacturers and distributors of consumer products that are sold in the UNited States have a responsibility to ensure that the products are reasonably safe when they are used as directed. Companies that continue to market dangerous products after they have known or should have known of the risk may be subject to serious legal liability if a consumer is injured or killed while using the product. Manufacturers often use product recalls to address and remediate dangerous product issues with merchandise that has already been sold. The Ford Motor Company has recently issued a recall for over 200,000 of their popular SUVs because several vehicles have caught fire, placing consumers at risk of serious injury.

According to a national news report discussing the recall, the company has issued recalls for approximately 200,000 Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator vehicles that were manufactured between 2015 and 2017. The recall was issued because at least 25 vehicles in the recall group have had fires break out from the climate control systems. Although no injuries have been reported yet, the danger posed by vehicles catching on fire is serious and must be addressed. The article does not specify which specific models are subject to the recall. Anyone owning a 2015-2017 Lincoln Navigator or Ford Excursion should reach out to a local dealer to determine if their vehicle is subject to the recall, where the needed repairs will be made free of charge by the dealer.

Why Do Manufacturers Recall Products?

Manufacturers use recalls in an attempt to get dangerous products removed from the market, and therefore limit their legal liability for injuries caused by their products. Consumers who are hurt or killed by products that have already been recalled may face obstacles in collecting compensation for their loss as a result of the dangerous product. A previously issued recall is not a total bar to relief in the event of an injury. Consumers who have been hurt by a dangerous product may be entitled to significant compensation, even if the product was recalled before or after the injury occurred. Manufacturers cannot use a recall to absolve themselves entirely from the consequences of a dangerous product. Anyone with questions about making a product liability claim based on a dangerous product would seek sound legal advice before pursuing any action.

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