Frederick County Settles Maryland Wrongful Death Lawsuit Over Firefighter Trainee that Collapsed from Heatstroke

The parents of Andrew Waybright, a 23-year-old firefighter trainee that died after suffering from heatstroke in 2002, have reached a Maryland wrongful death settlement with Frederick County. Per the terms of the agreement, the County will pay $300,000 to Shirley and James Waybright, as well as install a commemorative plaque at the Frederick County Public Safety Training Center.

Andrew, who at the time was a Harney volunteer in Carroll County, was training for a full-time position in Frederick County when the tragic incident happened. He collapsed on July 3, 2002 while participating in an outdoor workout at the center while taking part in a nearly 4-mile run.

Instructors at the training center performed CPR on Andrew after he collapsed. He was pronounced dead upon his arrival at Frederick Memorial Hospital. Doctors that examined Andrew’s body at the hospital said his temperature was 107.4.

His parents not only contend that the training took place in severe heat, but they claim that their son’s supervising officer, Jeffrey Coombe, neglected to notice his son’s symptoms or provide him with first aid. They also accused the Frederick Board of Country Commissioners and training academy leaders of negligence.


A kind of hyperthermia that involves a person that has an abnormally high body temperature.This condition can be fatal if treatment is not administered immediately and correctly. In addition to high body temperature, symptoms of heat stroke may include a rapid pulse, problems breathing, the inability to perspire, skin that is flushed dry or hot red, hallucinations, unusual behavior, agitation, confusion, disorientation, seizures, or coma. People most susceptible to heat stroke are babies, elderly people, athletes, and workers that do their job under a hot sun.

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