Helicopter-Airplane Crash in Frederick Claims Three Lives, Injures Two Others

Earlier this week in Frederick, three people died and another two were injured when a helicopter and an airplane collided in mid air. According to a report by one local news source, the collision occurred just after 3:30 in the afternoon near the Frederick Municipal Airport.

Evidently, a small plane was heading in towards the airport to land and the helicopter was conducting some kind of training mission when the two collided. The helicopter was leased to Advanced Flight School, a helicopter flight school. Since the accident, the school has suspended its operations.

The people on board the plane survived with minor injuries. However, all three passengers on the helicopter died as a result of the injuries they sustained in the accident. Upon arriving, investigators saw the small plane strung up in the trees, hanging. There was a parachute hanging from the trees as well. It may be that the parachute was key in saving the lives of one or both of the surviving passengers.

The parachute was not a personal parachute that one would use when jumping out of a plane. It was a ballistic parachute that is used to slow a plane down that cannot properly land. Apparently such a parachute can help slow a plane down so it does not hit the ground with full force.

The Investigation

Investigators told reporters that they have broken down the investigation into three parts:  the pilots, the machinery, and the environment. They will speak to pedestrians on the ground, as well as the surviving people aboard the plane, to reconstruct what happened. Thus far, it seems as though there was no distress signal given by either the plane or the helicopter.

Financial Recovery in Maryland Accidents

While it can hardly be considered a replacement for the lives of their loved ones, the families of Maryland accident victims are entitled to bring wrongful death actions against those they feel are responsible for the death of their loved ones.

A wrongful death action can be proven by showing that the defendant negligently, recklessly, or intentionally caused the death of a loved one. This may be proven in any number of ways, but in cases such as the one described above, an expert witness will likely be necessary to help explain the accident to the jury. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help you select the right expert for your case.

Have You Been Injured in a Maryland Accident?

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