Howard County Residents Says Stretch of US 1 in Jessup Where Four People Died in Car-Truck Collision is Scene of Many Maryland Auto Accidents

A deadly Maryland car accident during yesterday’s rush hour on US 1 in Jessup involving a truck and a Nissan Altima has left four people dead and a 4-year-old girl and two adults injured. The fatalities are an infant girl, two women, and the driver of the car.

The 4-year-old was reportedly in critical condition when she was transported by air to Johns Hopkins Children’s Center in Baltimore. The truck driver and his passenger, both employees of a liquor company, sustained minor injuries and were transported to Howard County General Hospital for medical attention.

According to witnesses, the Altima crossed over the double yellow-line in the middle and ran head-on into the truck. Howard County Police say they do not expect to file criminal charges against the truck driver.

Residents in the area say that this stretch of US 1 is a common site for car accidents. One Brentwood Manor resident says that at least seven motor vehicle crashes have occurred in less than two years. Others in the area say that crashes and rear end accidents occur monthly.

Other residents cited heavy traffic and the 50 mph speed limit as reasons for why the strip of freeway is a common scene for auto collisions. Other residents say that installing a traffic light could decrease the number of motor vehicle accidents at the intersection.

The State Highway Administration says that it has not received any requests to examine the stretch of road.

If someone you love has died in Maryland or Washington D.C. in an auto accident that you believe was caused by a negligent driver or because the proper traffic signs and signals or other safety measures were not put in place, one of our Maryland auto accident lawyers can explore the merits of your case. You may be entitled to personal injury compensation.

Examples of hazards on a road that can be remedied:

• Fixed objects on a road, such as trees and open culverts
• Potholes
• Roads that need resurfacing
• Confusing traffic signs
• Improperly designated construction zones
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