In Fruitland, Maryland, One Person Dies and Six Others are Injured In Multi-Car Drunken Driving Collision

Maryland State Police have revealed the names of those who were injured last Saturday in Fruitland, Maryland, when a Hispanic male driving a Pontiac Sunfire GT on Route 13 struck a Pontiac Grand Am and a Honda Ridgeline pickup. The driver is believed to have been driving under the influence. His passenger, also a Hispanic male, was declared dead at the car accident scene.

According to police, the drunk driver had been speeding through the Route 13 and Hayward Avenue intersection, when he struck both the Pontiac Grand Am and the pickup, as he tried to squeeze between the two of them at a stoplight while avoiding police. A police trooper had been chasing after the driver of the Pontiac Sunfire, who was driving his vehicle at a speed of more than 100 miles an hour.

The Pontiac Grand Am, driven by Charles Dvorak Sr., overturned at the median. The car had also been occupied by Dvorak’s wife Doris, and their children Rebecca, 10, and Charles Jr., 12. All of them were treated for non-life threatening injuries and later released from Peninsula Regional Medical Center. The occupants of the Honda Ridgeline, Tyrone and Virginia Strand, were also taken to PRMC where they were later released.

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