Insurance Company Seeks Settlement with Victim’s Family

Back in March of last year, a hit-and-run accident claimed the life of one man. Since then, according to one news report, the driver of the car has been convicted of aggravated involuntary manslaughter, driving under the influence of alcohol, felony hit-and-run, and disorderly conduct after he pleaded guilty to the offenses.

The charges arose from an accident where the driver of the vehicle hit the bicyclist on Virginia 122 in Bedford County. Witnesses to the accident told police that the driver pulled a crushed bicycle out from underneath his car before fleeing the scene. He later drunkenly called police to tell them his truck was on fire.

The bicyclist was taken to Roanoke Memorial Hospital but was pronounced dead the next day from blunt force trauma to the head. At his criminal trial, the driver was sentenced to seven and one-half years of incarceration for his involvement in the fatal accident.

In a related civil matter between the victim’s mother and the driver’s insurance company, the insurance company has offered $1,000,000 in order to be completely released of liability in regards to the accident. In preliminary discussions, she has accepted the offer. However, it has not yet been formally accepted. If she does accept the offer, there will be no need for a formal lawsuit to be filed.

Out-of-Court Settlements in Personal Injury Cases

The vast majority of personal injury cases are settled out of court. The reasons for this are several. First, taking a case to trial involves a certain amount of uncertainty. Even the strongest case may not be a guaranteed victory. Settling the case out of court allows the plaintiff to know beforehand exactly how much compensation he or she will receive.

Second, taking a case to trial involves substantial expenses. By settling a case out of court, the litigants are able to save a substantial amount of money in attorney’s fees and other court costs.

Of course, whether to settle a case or not is a decision that should be made after consulting with a dedicated personal injury attorney. By discussing your case with an attorney, you ensure that you are getting advice from someone who has seen many cases and understands what is fair, given the specific facts of your case.

Have You Been Involved in a Maryland Accident?

If you or a loved one has recently been involved in any kind of serious Maryland car accident, you may be entitled to monetary compensation based on the negligence of the other party. To learn more, and to discuss the facts of your case with an experienced attorney, call one of the personal injury attorneys at Lebowitz & Mzhen Personal Injury Lawyers. The dedicated team of attorneys at Lebowitz & Mzhen has decades of experience litigating all kinds of personal injury cases. Call 410-654-3600 or contact us through our website to set up a free initial consultation today. We don’t bill you for our services unless we can recover for you.

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