Keeping Kids Safe in Maryland Car Accidents

When a child is injured in a car accident, a parent’s worst fear comes true. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 63,000 children suffered injuries in a car accident in 2020. Issues such as ill-fitting booster seats and riding without a seatbelt have worsened those statistics. Fortunately, parents and caregivers can take a few extra precautions to ensure their child is as safe as possible in the event of a car accident.

Sadly, four children and one adult suffered injuries after a serious vehicle accident in Waldorf, Maryland. As a news article reported, the accident occurred on the southbound side of the highway. Emergency personnel responding to the accident found two damaged vehicles with multiple injured occupants. Two ambulances transported three children and one adult to the hospital for their injuries. A fourth child, who suffered head injuries, was medically evacuated by chopper to the hospital. The cause of the crash remains under investigation.

How Can You Keep Your Children Safe in a Car Accident?

Parents can follow a few steps to protect their children in case of an accident. First, make sure your children use a seat belt. In the event of a car accident, seat belts can often be the difference between a minor and major injury. If your children refuse to wear a seatbelt, try to explain the importance of wearing one for their safety. For small children, wearing a seatbelt is only the first step to preventing serious injury. In addition to wearing a seatbelt, make sure to place your children in a car seat. Small children may not be able to wear a seatbelt without the boost of car or booster seat. The right car seat for your children will depend on their age, weight, and height, and it is important that the seat is the proper size.

Car booster seat misuse, such as using a seat that is too small or large, can lead to less protection in the event of an accident. Most car seats will include a label indicating the proper size for your child. Finally, make sure your children sit in the backseat of your car. Automakers design airbags in the front passenger seat for adults, so they may suffocate small children instead of protecting them. To prevent the risk of an airbag injury, place your children in the backseat until they are old enough to ride in the front passenger seat.

Has Your Child Been Injured in a Maryland Car Accident?

If your child has suffered injuries in a Maryland car accident, contact the attorneys at Lebowitz & Mzhen for immediate assistance. The Maryland personal injury attorneys at our firm possess years of experience representing clients in all types of car accident cases, including accidents that involve families and small children. We are proud to serve clients throughout Prince George’s, Charles, Baltimore, and Montgomery County. Through our dedicated representation, we will work tirelessly to support you at every stage of your case. To schedule a free initial consultation today, call our office at 800-654-1949.

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