Maryland Family Files Class Action Injury Lawsuit Against Constellation Energy After Husband Dies From Drinking Contaminated Water

Anne Arundel resident Gayle K. Queen filed a class action lawsuit against power company Constellation Energy last week. Constellation Energy is the largest power company in Maryland.

Queen says her husband David died of kidney failure in 2006 because he drank water with traces of arsenic, lead, and other pollutants. At least five other people have died from suspicious reasons in the same area.

For the last 12 years—until early this fall—Constellation and a contractor dumped billions of tons of waste ash from smokestacks into an unlined former gravel mine pit located close to the neighborhood where Queen resides. The waste ash, also called fly ash, came from Constellation’s coal-fired power plant in Brandon Shores.

The claim filed in Baltimore circuit court is a class action lawsuit intending to represent dozens of residents seeking unspecified damages from Constellation Energy in personal injuries and property value loss.

Before reports exposing the contamination surfaced, Gayle Queen had been considering offers on her house for up to $750,000. The offers disappeared once the information about the contamination surfaced.

Tests conducted by Anne Arundel County discovered that 23 wells tested positive for dangerous metals, including thallium, arsenic, and cadmium (all components of waste ash). Constellation Energy just recently stopped burying ash in that area.

Queen’s lawsuit alleges that even though Constellation knew as early as 1999 that the dump was contaminating the water in the neighborhood, the power company did not warn local residents. The lawsuit claims that Constellation Energy even purposely engaged in a campaign to prevent neighbors from knowing about the waste materials.

If you or someone you love has been seriously injured because of exposure to a hazardous or toxic substance, a personal injury lawyer can help you determine whether you have grounds to file a claim or lawsuit against the negligent party.

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