Maryland Natural Resources Police Investigate Recent Boating Accidents

The Maryland Natural Resources Police have had to turn their attention to local waters where a number of boating accidents have recently taken place.

On June 18, In St. Clement Bay near St. Clement Shores, a 10-year-old boy was injured in the head when an 18-foot boat hit a pound net. The child was flown to Washington DC and treated at the Children’s Hospital National Medical Center.

Just one day earlier, the NRP recovered the bodies of two men from the Potomac River. They had died in a boating accident on June 16. Their boat had been found without anyone on board just south of the Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge. A third person who survived the accident was taken to a hospital for treatment. The NRP is investigating the cause of the accident.

3 people were also injured on June 19 in Neale Sound near Cobb Island when the 18-foot boat they were riding in hit a metal speed zone sign. Maryland State Police MEDAVAC flew two of the men to Suburban Hospital in Bethesda and one man to Prince George’s Hospital Center.

As a general rule of law, a boat operator and its owner must exercise the highest degree of care to prevent injuries to passengers in the boat or swimmers or others in the waters or boats around them. A person who has suffered a personal injury or lost a loved one because of a boating accident or collision may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit.

Some Boating Safety Tips Consider:
*Make sure your boat is in top operating condition.
*To anchor, bring the bow into the wind and make sure the engine is in neutral.
*Close all openings on the boat before fueling.
*Check weather reports and continue to monitor the weather once you have left shore.
*Make sure someone who is not on the boat with you knows where you are, when you plan to

be back, and has a full description of the vessel that you are riding.

NRP Investigate Local Boating Accidents, Southern Maryland Online, June 22, 2006

Boating Safety And Survival Tips

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