Maryland Teenager Files $3 Million Sex Abuse Lawsuit Against Female Teacher

A male Howard County teenager has filed a $3 million sex abuse lawsuit against teacher Kristen Ann Kinley. The teenage, now 18, says that he continues to experience major emotional trauma because of the alleged incidents of “sexual battery and extreme and outrageous conduct.”

Kinley, a special education teacher, has already pled guilty to third-degree sexual offense. She had sexual contact with the teenager at her apartment on more than one occasion. She is currently serving 18 months in jail.

Also named in the sexual abuse lawsuit are the state of Maryland, the Howard County Board of Education, and Hammond Middle School Principal Kerry McGowan.

The lawsuit alleges that Kinley intentionally exploited a child who was being treated for depression when the sexual assault and battery occurred. The teenager was 15 when the offenses occurred.

The suit accuses the other defendants of breaching their duty to protect students from employees and cites a pattern of inappropriate sexual behavior between children and teachers in Howard County’s school system.

Alan Meade Beier, also a Howard County teacher at River Hill High, has been charged with inappropriate sexual behavior with three students.

Former Howard County teacher Joseph Samuel Ellis was convicted of indecent exposure, sex abuse with a minor, and telephone misuse early this year. Ellis taught history and government at Glenelg High.

Sex abuse is a crime. Victims of sexual abuse are entitled to file claims and lawsuits for the pain, suffering, and trauma caused by the incidents. One of our Maryland or Washington D.C. sex abuse lawyers can explore your legal options during a free consultation.

A 2007 Associated Press probe found that over the last five years, there have been about 2,500 reported cases of sex abuse by perpetrators who were teachers. 1801 of these cases involved young victims. Many incidents of sex abuse are not reported.

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