Maryland’s Baltimore County Council Rejects Legislation Targeting Pit Bull Attacks

The Baltimore County Council has vetoed legislation that would have place strict limits on pit bull owners in Baltimore County, Maryland. The measure, introduced by Council member Vincent J. Gardina, would have force pit bull owners to keep their dogs in concrete-based kennels and post warning signs on their front lawns. Pit bulls would have had to be muzzled anytime they were outside their kennels.

Gardina had proposed the legislation after a 10-year old boy from Towson was mauled by a pit bull. The boy stayed at a hospital for two weeks while he recovered from his dog mauling injuries.

Animal rights groups and dog owners that had protested heavily against the measure had cited the violation of dog owners’ rights. They also questioned whether the measure would actually prevent dog attacks from occurring—especially as there are dogs belonging to many breeds other than pit bulls that have been known to attack adults and children with little provocation. In addition to American Pit Bulls, the measure would have also applied to the American Staffordshire terrier, the Staffordshire bull terrier, any mixes of these breeds.

Those who supported the measure, however, cited reports showing that even though dogs from other breeds have been known to attack people, pit bulls are responsible for many of the attacks. The CDC says that out of the reported 238 dog maulings that took place between 1979 and 1998, pit bulls were responsible for 66 of the attacks.

If you or your child has sustained injuries because of an attack by a dog or another animal that belongs to someone else in Maryland or Washington D.C., you should speak to an experienced dog bite injury attorney immediately.

Deadly Dog Bite Statistics:

• 12-15 people die annually from dog-related injuries.
• Pit bulls and rottweilers are responsible for many dog-related deaths.
• 65% of deadly dog attacks take place because a dog was not chained on the owner’s premise.
• 3,423 postal workers were attacked by dogs in 2003.
• Dog bites are the second cause of injuries to children on playgrounds.

• The majority of children-related dog bite injuries occur on the face.

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