Motorcycle Injuries and Maryland’s Helmet Law

Currently, Maryland is one of 20 U.S. states that require all motorcycle riders to wear a helmet. A group of motorcyclists, however, are pushing to have Maryland’s “Helmet Law’ revised.

They want the Maryland General Assembly to let motorcycle riders over the age of 21, who have at least two years motorcycle riding experience or finish an authorized motorcycle safety course, to be given the option of choosing whether to use a helmet.

Doctors at Maryland Shock Trauma Center, however, calls “motorcycles donor cycles.”

Maryland’s “Helmet Law” was repealed in 1979 but reinstated in 1992. Brain injuries have been known to occur 80% more frequently in states that have repealed their Helmet Law.

A recent Maryland study shows that over 50 percent of Maryland motorcyclists do not have health coverage. As the majority of people who sustain traumatic brain injuries have to use Medicaid, every brain injury ends up costing $120,000 annually of taxpayers’ dollars.

The Maryland State Police in Frederick say that they see approximately two to three motorcycle fatalities each week and that the accidents are usually nastier because the victims have no protection.

Motorcycle helmets are considered the best protection from head injuries in motorcycle collisions. Head injuries are a major cause of motorcycle fatalities.

A person who is not wearing a motorcycle has a 40 percent greater chance of sustaining a fatal traumatic brain injury (TBI). He or she also has a 15 percent greater chance of sustaining a nonfatal injury than a motorcyclist wearing a motorcycle.

States with a mandatory motorcycle helmet law:

• Alabama
• Washington D.C.
• Maryland
• Louisiana
• California
• Georgia
• Massachusetts
• Mississippi
• Michigan
• Nebraska
• Missouri
• New Jersey
• Nevada
• New York
• North Carolina
• Tennessee
• Oregon
• Vermont
• Virginia
• West Virgina
• Washington
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