New Maryland Motorists Will Have To Pass Tougher Test to Prove They Are Ready to Drive On State Roads

According to the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration, the state’s new driver’s license test requires new drivers to show off their driving skills on-road and off-road. This new test is reportedly tougher than the current version, and parents are especially are thrilled that their sons and daughters will have to prove they have the ability to pull off both kinds of road conditions before they can be fully licensed.

First-time drivers, experienced motorists who are licensed to drive abroad, and drivers who have to lost their license and have to take the test over again will all be required to take this new test. Drivers with licenses in other US States and Canada won’t have to take the driving test.

The new test, which is part of an on-road pilot project in Waldorf and Frederick, is expected to move to Baltimore and the Washington Metropolitan areas in the fall before being adopted throughout the state in 2010.

The MVA also says it will revise the written portion of the driver’s licenses test. The Maryland Highway Safety Foundation has been calling for changes to be made to the current test, which Foundation co-chairman David Nevis says puts too much emphasis on parallel parking and doesn’t pay enough attention to high-speed merging. MVA administrator John Kuo says the new test will emphasize defensive driving and test a driver’s actual driving skills.

It is important that all Maryland drivers understand the rules of the road so that they know how to drive safely. Negligent, careless, or reckless driving, driver ignorance, and other driving mistakes can lead to deadly Maryland car accidents and can be grounds for personal injury or wrongful death claims against the liable motorist.

Just recently, an 82-year-old Carroll County woman died in Sykesville when her car was in a collision with another vehicle. According to Police, Maggie Ringley Saylor ran a red light on route 26. She was later pronounced dead at a local hospital.

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