Over Two Dozen People Injured In Kensington, Maryland As Two Buses Collide

Montgomery County Police are reporting a two-bus collision after a Ride On Bus rear-ended a Metrobus on Viers Mill Road. More than two dozen people were hurt—most of the injuries reportedly minor.

More than two dozen people were hurt Monday morning after two buses collided in Kensington, Maryland.

Bus Accidents and Personal Injury

Individuals who have been injured in a bus accident may be eligible to file a personal injury claim if the accident occurred because another party was negligent.

Some factors that can lead to bus accidents:

• Poor road conditions
• Driving under the influence
• Negligent driving
• Mechanical problems
• Faulty breaks

Injuries can range from minor scratches to broken bones, severed limbs, head injuries, burn injuries, and even death. Emotional trauma can be another effect from a bus accident.

Bus passengers, passengers in vehicles involved in a bus collision, and pedestrians who have been injured in a bus accident should contact an attorney right away. It is important that you have your own representation before speaking to the other party and their insurance company. An experienced personal injury lawyer can tell you how much compensation you should claim to cover all your recovery costs.

Collecting recovery from a bus accident can be more complicated than when the victim has been injured in an accident by a negligent car driver or motorcycle rider. Bus driver are subject to certain regulations and standards that they must uphold on the road. We can help you determine whether a bus driver neglected to protect his or her passengers by not exercising the utmost care when driving. We will also explore all avenues of recovery. There may be instances where the bus company and certain government entities may also be held liable.

The personal injury law firm of Lebowitz and Mzhen can evaluate the extent of your injuries and file a personal injury claim for you. We handle serious personal injury and wrongful death claims, and our attorneys have extensive trial experience. Our primary objective is achieve the best possible outcome for each client’s case, and our successful track record speaks for itself. Because buses are big and heavy, the injuries sustained by individuals can be very serious. We can help alleviate some of your worries by obtaining your recovery so you can cover your medical costs.

For you free consultation, please contact Lebowitz and Mzhen to schedule a meeting with Jack Lebowitz or Vadim Mzhen.

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