Parents of Baltimore County Teenager Sue Maryland Occupational Safety and Health Department and Others for Failure to Properly Investigate Construction Accident Death

Adrienne and Robert Miranda, the parents of Joseph Miranda, have filed a personal injury lawsuit against the Maryland Occupational Safety and Health department, The Maryland Attorney General’s Office, the Hampstead Police Department, and the Federal County and Frederick County state’s attorney’s offices for allegedly failing to properly investigate Joseph’s death. They are suing for $6 million.

Joseph, a 19-year-old construction worker, died in 2006 when his head and neck were crushed by a construction motor vehicle during a job.

Authorities and investigators say the incident was accidental, but a state medical examiner said that there was a “strong possibility” that Joseph was murdered. The medical examiner suggested that the matter be investigated further. The Mirandas have expressed concern that the two men that offered statements about their son’s death were never tested for alcohol or drugs.

Officials say that they did probe the case further and found no evidence that a criminal act had been committed.

The agencies want the court to dismiss the Baltimore couple’s lawsuit because it does not make claims against specific individuals and because the public officials are allowed immunity from lawsuits if the incidents occured while they were doing their jobs

The Mirandas say that the agencies’ professional negligence caused them to suffer emotional grief, anguish, despair, and mental distress.

Professional Malpractice

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