Howard County Police Chief Wants County Council To Approve Use Of Tasers By Officers

Howard County Police Chief William J. McMahon wants the County Council to repeal a law banning the use of stun guns because he wants to equip several of his officers with Tasers.

The handheld stun gun incapacitates a person for five seconds by shooting probes into that person’s skin. Several high profile reports regarding the misuse of stun guns, however, have caused policy makers to be very cautious when considering approving their use.

For example, a taser gun was used on a 6-year-old school boy at his school’s office in Miami, while a police officer in Orlando, Florida used a stun gun on a suspect who was chained to a hospital bed and was not a threat to the officer. Taser International, the company that supplies Taser stun guns, is facing about 50 personal injury and product liability lawsuits.

According to Amnesty International, approximately 61 people died in the US in 2005 after being shocked with a Taser repeatedly.

Last August, Taser International settled class action lawsuits with its shareholders for approximately $20 million. Its shareholders accused the company of exaggerating its product’s safety. However, the Company did not admit to any wrongdoing.

Hudson County Police Chief McMahon says he believes that with the proper training, misuse by police officers can be prevented.

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