Recall in the Midwest Results in 1.8 Million Pounds of Ground Beef Being Recalled; Hummus Recalled as Well

Earlier this week, and just in time for Memorial Day barbeques, Wolverine Packing Company in Detroit, Michigan, announced a recall of its ground beef, recalling 1.8 million pounds of meat. According to a report by Parade, the company announced that there was possible E. Coli contamination in the meat and recalled it because there had been reports that consumers had been getting sick after consuming the meat.

Thus far, there have been 11 instances of people getting sick from the contaminated meat. The reports of illness have come from Michigan, Ohio, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. So far, no one from Maryland, Virginia, or DC has been reported ill.

Another Contaminated Batch of Food

In the same article by Parade, a recall of hummus sold by Trader Joe’s stores and Target stores was also mentioned. The 15,000 pounds of hummus were recalled due to the presence of listeria in some of the tested product. Evidently, the Texas Department of Health found the contaminated hummus while conducting a routine check on chick peas, the primary ingredient in hummus. Once the contaminated batch was located, both Trader Joe’s and Target voluntarily recalled all the products that came from that plant around that time. In total, 10 products were removed from the shelves.

Food Recalls and Liability Caused by Contaminated Food

Food sold in stores is supposed to be safe for human consumption. When we go to the grocery store, we assume that anything we buy, if properly cooked, is safe for our family to eat. However, that is not always the case. On occasion, dangerous food-borne illnesses can be transmitted through contaminated food. While ingesting these foods often only results in an aching stomach and a few days of discomfort, in some cases the situation may be more serious, causing serious injury or even death.

In these types of cases, the food manufacturer may be held liable to the victims of the dangerous food for marketing and selling the dangerous product to the public. Not every case of contaminated food will result in civil liability on the part of the food manufacturer, but in some cases it does. To find out more, speak to a Maryland product liability attorney.

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