Recovering from a Maryland Bus Accident

Traveling by bus is often an easy, affordable, and safe way of getting around. When you choose to travel by bus—whether on your daily commute or over the weekend to see friends or family—you have a reasonable expectation of safety. In addition, the driver of the bus has an obligation to operate the vehicle in the safest way possible, and to not drive recklessly or negligently while transporting passengers.

According to a recent local news report, 27 people were injured in a bus accident. Local authorities responded to the crash, which took place near Kingsville, Maryland. Once officials arrived on the scene, they found a megabus that had rolled off I-95. The tire on the passenger side of the bus was mostly ripped off because of the way the bus landed on its side in a nearby ravine. Following the accident, it appeared that the bus’s windshield was kicked open to help passengers evacuate. Luckily, no other vehicles were involved in the crash. Fifteen of the 27 who were injured—including the driver of the bus—were transported to local hospitals. The company operating the megabus noted that it would be conducting a full review of the circumstances surrounding the crash.

What do Maryland Bus Accident Victims Need to Prove?

Although bus accidents take place less frequently than other types of vehicle accidents, it does not make them any less dangerous. When these accidents take place, they can often be devastating and result in significant injuries. Following a major bus accident, you may be considering filing a personal injury lawsuit to recover compensation for your injuries. As a potential plaintiff, you must first consider who you will sue. If you took a bus with a large commercial bus company, you may consider suing the bus company and the bus driver, depending on the circumstances of your case. If you were on a city bus, however, the circumstances may change and there may be special rules when bringing a lawsuit against the town or agency responsible for the operation of the bus. Establishing who the lawsuit will be primarily directed toward is an important question, and one worthy of discussion with an experienced personal injury lawyer at the beginning of the lawsuit filing process.

Next, potential plaintiffs will be required to establish that the defendant—whether it is the bus company, bus driver, or another party—was under a duty to protect them from injury. As the driver of the bus or the company running the bus, this will likely be relatively straightforward to establish. Second, the potential plaintiff will have to prove that the defendant breached that duty, which will likely be the most difficult and disputed part of the case to prove. Finally, the potential plaintiff will have to show that an actual injury or loss took place, and that this injury proximately resulted from the defendant’s breach.

Do You Need a Maryland Personal Injury Lawyer?

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