Teenager Files $10 Million Personal Injury Lawsuit Against Washington DC For Rape in Clinic

A DC teenager, who was raped by a counselor at a Pennsylvania clinic in 2005, has filed a federal lawsuit suing Washington DC and nonprofit group KidsPeace Corporation for personal injury. The girl, who is a former ward of the city, had been consigned to the clinic, which is run by KidsPeace. In her lawsuit, the teenager says she was sent to the KidsPeace clinic despite reports of previous abuse incidents at the Pennsylvania site.

The plaintiff alleges that the city therefore plaid a role in allowing the brutal sexual assault incident to occur. KidsPeace counselor, Jerry McChristian, has admitted to raping the girl, and he pled guilty to institutional rape in 2006.

This is not the first report of children under welfare becoming the victims of abuse, and Washington DC has agreed to send less children to remote clinics. Just this month, a monitor appointed by the US Congress reported that children at a Florida clinic were being treated like “garbage.” DC officials only found out about the abuse through media reports. In 2007, schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee found out that several children under KidsPeace’s care had suffered broken arms while under “therapeutic restraint.” Rhee is no longer sending kids to KidsPeace clinics.

Sexual Assault Crimes and Negligent Security

If you were sexually assaulted on a premise, you may be able to hold the landlord, property owner, premise manager, or another party liable for the harm that you have suffered. Premise manager, owners, or any entities in charge are supposed to implement the proper safety measures to make sure that no physical or property crimes are committed so that visitors, patrons, patients, customers, and employees do not get hurt, assaulted, raped, robbed, or murdered while on a premise.

If there is has been a history of crimes committed on the premise or in the area, then the premise owner or manager must secure the property so that similar crimes cannot happen again. If you or your child has been placed under the care of a government entity, and you were injured because they were negligent in their hiring of staff or they failed to implement the proper safety/security measures, you may be able to sue the liable party or parties for personal injury.

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