The Importance of an In-Depth Investigation in Maryland Accident Cases

Immediately after a car accident, it may be hard to think clearly because of the adrenaline of the moment. It is crucial, however, to take several steps toward documenting the accident, if you are able, so that you can both aid in your personal stake in recovering following the collision, and also help with ongoing investigations by local authorities into your crash.

According to a recent news report, Maryland State Police are investigating a crash involving multiple vehicles. Troopers responded to a report of an accident with four vehicles, where a preliminary investigation showed that a Volvo tractor-trailer collided with the rear of a Dodge caravan, which pushed the Dodge off the road and into the jersey wall. The tractor-trailer then crashed into the rear of a Hyundai and sideswiped a Toyota. The driver of the Dodge was transported to a local hospital for treatment, where she later died from her injuries. The Hyundai driver was also transferred to a hospital for treatment. Maryland State Police and their Crash Team are still investigating the cause of the accident.

Determining what exactly happened in the course of a collision, especially one with multiple parties, is crucial. Whether it’s the parties involved in the accident or the insurance companies, knowing exactly what took place is important both for subsequent disputes and for maximizing your chances of receiving compensation.

For accidents where fault is clear, such as a simple fender bender, it may be easy to figure out what happened and basic photo and video evidence may be enough. For more complex cases involving multiple vehicles or drug or alcohol use, independent investigators may need to be brought in.

Typically, when a car accident investigation takes place, there are several types of investigators. Most commonly, police officers are the first to conduct investigations into car accidents for signs of criminal activity. Insurance companies will also send adjusters or agents to look into who caused the accident and who is responsible for any subsequent damage. Finally, independent accident investigators can be hired by individuals or insurance companies to look for negligence and recover potential damages.

If you decide to take down evidence yourself in the course of an investigation, it is crucial that you include the exact geographic location of the accident, the time and place, weather and road conditions, parties who were injured or if there were fatalities, and any presence of alcohol or drugs. Documenting all of this information by writing it down and taking extensive photographs and video can all be helpful in the course of potentially pursuing a claim or compensation in the future. In addition, documentation of debris from the accident, skid marks, damage to all vehicles in addition to your own, and the scene could be crucial in establishing a narrative for your claim.

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