Three People Injured in Prince George’s County After Police Pursuit Leads to Multi-Vehicle Crash

In Prince George’s County, Maryland, three people were taken to local hospitals yesterday after a purse-snatching incident began a police pursuit that led to a multi-vehicle collision. The robbery took place early in the afternoon when a man jumped out of a Toyota Camry and grabbed a purse from the car of a woman who was pumping gas into her vehicle at a Largo service station.

The man then fled in the vehicle, which two other men were riding in. The woman contacted police. A police car that was chasing the suspects crashed into a motor vehicle close to Balboa Avenue and Gunther Street. The vehicle was seriously damaged in the crash and the two people riding in the car and the police officer were taken to the hospital for “a routine checkup.”

The cruiser also struck at least one car on Balboa and possibly two more. The suspects abandoned their vehicle close to Clovis Avenue before running off.

If you or someone you love was injured in a Maryland motor vehicle crash or if your vehicle or other property sustained damages in an auto accident that was another party’s fault, you may be entitled to personal injury recovery from the negligent party and his or her insurer. You may also seek medical attention for what initially appears to be a minor injury, but symptoms may later appear to indicate that your injuries are more serious than you thought.

Some injuries may require x-rays, surgeries, prescription medication, physical therapy, rehabilitation care, follow-up visits, and other costly medical care that you may not be able to afford without help. Your injuries may also keep you from work and affect your ability to earn a living.

5 Vehicles Damaged In Chase After Theft,, September 1, 2008

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