Toys ‘R’ Us and Consumer Product Safety Commission Recall Wooden Art Cases Because of Lead Paint Concerns

Toy company Toys ‘R’ Us and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) say that they are recalling approximately 27,000 Imaginarium wooden coloring cases that were manufactured in China because the ink printed outside the cases have lead. Some of the black watercolor paint used is also said to have very high levels of lead and therefore violates the federal lead paint standards.

The product recall could lead to personal injury claims and products liability lawsuits across the country if anyone becomes seriously ill or dies because of exposure to the lead. So far, no injuries have been reported.

The CPSC says that all consumers should stop using the coloring cases right away. The 213-piece wood cases comes with pastels, crayons, fiber pens, colored pencils, a pencil, a paintbrush, water colors, white paint, a palette, a pencil sharpener, and a ruler.

Some 8,300 wooden art sets have already been sold to customers under the Imaginarium label. The sales occurred between October 2006 and August 2007 at Toys “R” us stores and on the Toys “R” Us Web site. Toys “R” Us said that it had purchased about 27,000 art sets from the company Funtastic.

The product recall comes on the heels of a series of recalls earlier this month by Mattel Inc., which recalled millions of toys made in China because they either contained powerful magnets that could be easily swallowed or were made with excessively high levels of lead paint.

Exposure to lead can be very dangerous for children, especially boys and girls six years of age and under. Results from studies show that lead exposure can result in hyperactivity, ADD, a lower IQ, kidney damage, hearing problems, learning disorders, stunted growth, and behavior problems in children.

Adults exposed to lead have been known to develop muscle and joint pain, fertility problems, higher blood pressure, memory loss, and nerve problems.

If you or someone you love has become injured or sick because of exposure to lead from a defective product, you could have grounds to file a products liability claim against the negligent party. There may even be more than one negligent party that can be held responsible for your personal injury, such as the product manufacturer, the product distributor, the company that marketed the product, and the store that sold the product to you.

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