US Coast Guard’s 2007 Recreational Boating Statistics Reports 10 Deaths in Maryland

In Maryland, 10 people died and 120 people were injured in boating accidents last year. These latest figures were released this year by the US Coast Guard and indicate a slight increase from the 8 Maryland boating fatalities that occurred in 2006.

Nationally, the US Coast Guard is reporting a total drop in boating deaths, with 688 fatalities in 2007 compared to 710 deaths since 2006. The report, however, also found that the number of accidents, injuries, and property that was damaged increased dramatically.

3,686 people were injured in boating accidents in 2007, compared to the 3,476 injuries in 2006. Total recreational boating accidents rose from 4,967 in 2006 to 5,233 in 2007. Property damage costs reached a record $53,288,858 last year, up from $43,670,424, which was already considered a record figure in 2006.

Leading causes of boating accidents included:

• Careless operation
• Reckless operation
• Operating a vessel at excessive speeds
• Drunk driving
• Passenger conduct
• Skier conduct

Vessels that were most commonly involved in boating accidents included:

• Motorboats
• Cabin motorboats
• Personal watercrafts
U.S. Coast Guard Reports A Decrease Of Deaths On the Water, May 15, 2008
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