“Zero Death Maryland” Reports 2022 Crash Data

The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) operates Zero Deaths, a government website designed to provide the community with statewide crash statistics, resources, and programs to assist in roadway safety programs. The MVA explained that the website seeks to assist the Maryland Highway Safety office meets its goal of eliminating roadway fatalities by 2030. The administrator believes that providing the public with user-friendly highway safety resources will help the state achieve its goals.

Zero deaths take a data-driven approach to reach its goal of zero serious injuries and roadway fatalities. The goal is critical as those who suffer injuries in a Maryland car accident often experience serious and life-long consequences. Those who lose a loved one or suffer injuries in a Maryland accident should contact an attorney to discuss their rights and remedies.

How Many People Are Killed in Maryland Motor Vehicle Accidents?

The most recent data indicates that as of early April 2022, there have been 134 reported fatalities involving a Maryland motor vehicle crash. The data refers to “fatalities” as the total number of people who suffer fatal injuries in a collision; some fatal crashes involve more than one death. Maryland has experienced 124 fatal crashes as of early April. “Fatal crashes” refer to incidents in which at least one fatality occurred.

The MVA website reports that the most common causes of a Maryland accident involve distracted driving, impaired driving, and aggressive driving. Approximately 181 fatalities stem from distracted driving. Distracted driving includes visual, auditory, manual, and cognitive distractions. Further, in Maryland, around 800 people have suffered fatal injuries in an accident involving an impaired driver over the past five years. So far this year, there have been about 163 fatalities and 3,127 serious injuries resulting from impaired driving. Impairment can arise from prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, illegal substances, or alcohol. Finally, speed is significant aggressive driving behavior. Researchers believe that speeding and aggressive driving contribute to over one-third of all deadly crashes in the country.

Despite new advances in safety technologies such as adaptive headlights, backup cameras, and in-vehicle alerts, crashes still occur at an alarming rate. However, many crashes are preventable and result from a motorist’s negligence. Negligent drivers who cause an accident may be held liable for the damages their conduct causes.

Have You Suffered Injuries in a Maryland Car Accident

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