11 Maryland Boating Accident Deaths Reported to Date for 2011

According to the Baltimore Sun, there have already been 11 Maryland boating accident fatalities so far this year. All of the victims were male—compare that to last year when the state didn’t report is fourth Maryland boating death until June 24 or the fact that over the last 10 years, there have been on average 10 boating fatalities here annually.

The news of the fatalities even as boating season has yet to fully kick off and we are about to head into July, which is the busiest time for Maryland boating accidents. Dropping gas prices also will likely spur people onto the water.

Our Maryland boating accident lawyers represent victims and their families. We know how to prove negligence and pursue recovery from all liable parties. The responsible party may be a boating operator, the boat manufacturer, the boat company operator, or others. A lot of this will depend on the specifics of your case.

According to the US Coast Guard, last year, there were 4,604 US boating accidents resulting in 3,153 injuries and 672 deaths. Nearly 75% of the people who died had drowned. 88% of the drowning victims were not using life jackets. 9% of the fatalities occurred on boats where the boating operator had not received boating safety instruction. Common causes of boating accidents include operator inattention, inexperience, speeding, alcohol, and improper lookout. Consumption of alcohol continues to be the leading contributing factor in deadly boating accidents.

The sooner you have someone on your side gathering evidence, talking to witnesses, and building your case, the greater your chances for obtaining the maximum recovery whether through a settlement or in court.

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