Baltimore Key Bridge Collapses After Being Hit by Cargo Ship

Traffic signs and detour signals are vital parts of maintaining safe traffic practices. While it would be nice to be aware of every single thing on the road ahead, sometimes obstacles can be hidden from plain view or in blind spots on the road. Without warning signs, drivers may only become aware of the obstacle when it is too late. This is why warning signs for traffic are incredibly important. They can be temporary signs that warn traffic about construction zones, detours, obstacles, or changes in the conditions ahead. Recently, officials were able to suddenly halt traffic across the Baltimore Key Bridge, minutes before the bridge collapsed, saving many lives. A CNN news article described the circumstances surrounding the bridge collapse.

The Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed early Tuesday, March 26, after a massive container ship lost power and crashed into the iconic Baltimore bridge, sending people and vehicles into the frigid Patapsco River. Six people, believed to be part of a road construction crew, are presumed dead and the Coast Guard has ended its active search and rescue mission. According to Maryland Governor Wes Moore, over 30,000 people commuted daily on the bridge. Governor Moore also stated that the quick work of authorities in closing the bridge had saved lives. Radio traffic captured how authorities stopped traffic and worked to clear the bridge seconds before the impact. Maryland State Police Secretary Col. Roland L. Butler Jr. said there is a “distinct possibility” more vehicles were on the bridge, but authorities have not found any evidence to support that.

What Caused the Francis Scott Key Bridge to Collapse?

According to investigations, the ship pilot quickly gave a string of orders, calling for a hard rudder to port — as far left as possible — and for the anchor to be dropped. Additionally, the pilot was the one who contacted the pilot dispatch office to shut down traffic to the bridge. Even with the mitigation measures in place, eight people were on the bridge when it fell, according to officials. At least two people were rescued — one was taken to the hospital and was later discharged, fire officials and the medical center said. Dive teams from various state and local agencies were brought in to assist in search-and-rescue operations, according to Maryland State Police Secretary Col. Roland L. Butler Jr. The mission started with 50 personnel and continued to grow before the Coast Guard announced that it was suspending its active search-and-rescue operation and transitioning to a “different phase.”

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