$1.5 Million Maryland Personal Injury Lawsuit Filed Against Howard County Following Alleged Physical Assault by High School Assistant Football Coach

Dan Mason is suing Howard County’s Board of Education for Maryland personal injury. Mason, whose son Nicholas “Neko” Rynn-Mason used to play football at Oakland Mills High School in Columbia, Maryland, claims that assistant football coach Brian Henderson physically assaulted him during a football game at the school. Mason is seeking $1.5 million.

In his Howard County personal injury complaint, Mason is alleging 10 counts, including negligence, defamation, and assault and battery. He claims that in October 2009, he and other game attendees were seated behind the Oakland Mills bench and making comments about the team’s play when, at one point, Henderson engaged him in a verbal altercation before charging at him. Two school officials reportedly had to restrain the assistant football coach. Mason says that when he later tried to give Henderson a box of Girl Scout cookies after the game the assistant coach ran at him again. This time, he allegedly made minor contact before he was again restrained.

The school later issued a denial-of-access notice against Mason barring him from the high school for a few weeks. Mason also contends that in November of 2009, after a classmate commented that his son was drunk, Neko was suspended for five days.

Maryland Personal Injury

If you or someone you love was injured on another party’s property, you may have grounds for a Maryland premises liability case. Reasons why one might file a Maryland injury complaint against a property owner or manager:

• Slip and fall
• Trip and fall
• Inadequate security
• Physical assault
• Sexual assault
• Hazardous conditions
• Inadequate maintenance
• Injury inflicted by an employee of the premise owner
Columbia resident sues Howard Board of Education for $1.5 million, The Baltimore Sun, November 16, 2010
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