$3.1M Prince George’s County, Maryland Car Accident Verdict Awarded to a Woman Injured in a Collision with an Undercover Cop

A Maryland jury has awarded $3.1 million to Carlisa Kent, who was injured in a 2008 Calvert County car accident involving an off-duty Prince George’s County undercover narcotics cop. Kent, 45, claimed she was injured when the county-leased car driven by Robert Edward Lee crossed the centerline, after accidentally rear-ending another vehicle, and then hit her auto.

Kent sustained a number of injuries, including fractures to her left hip, right foot, and pelvic areas. She was hospitalized for three months and spent another two months using a wheelchair. Per her Prince George’s County, Maryland personal injury lawsuit, Kent will never completely recover. Lee also sustained serious injuries.

The jury awarded Kent $3,091,291.67. However, the state’s damage caps reduce the amount to just over $2 million. Police spokesman Cpl. Evan Baxter says that Lee was violating police rules when he drove the car while outside Prince George’s County.

Maryland Car Accident

Often, the parties involved in a Maryland car accident may have conflicting accounts of what happened. An experienced Prince George’s County injury lawyer will know how to build a strong case on your behalf. Vehicle damage, witness testimonies, evidence from the scene, and photographs of your injuries are just some of the key pieces your lawyer might need to build your case.

Your Prince George’s County traffic crash law firm will know whether or not it is in your best interests to settle or take the case to court. It is a good idea to let your lawyer deal with the other party because they will know how to protect your rights while making sure that you don’t agree to compensation below what you are entitled to and deserve.

P.G. police officer hit with $3 million verdict for crash in county-leased car
, Washington Examiner, February 6, 2011
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