$70 Million Baltimore Personal Injury Lawsuit Accuses Ravens Linebacker Terrell Suggs of Maryland Domestic Violence

Candace Williams is suing Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs for Maryland personal injury. Candace Williams, 26, is seeking $70 million: $50 million in punitive damages and $20 million in compensatory damages.

Williams claims that Suggs physically abused her twice last month. She contends that on November 3, the football player broke her nose when he hit her face. Williams alleges that on November 29, Suggs poured chemical bleach on her body and threatened to drown her in the strong liquid.

She filed a restraining order against him last week. On Friday, a judge granted an order preventing Suggs from contacting Williams.

She is also suing for custody of the two small children she claims she shares with the football player.

No criminal charges have been filed against Suggs over Williams’ allegations. Police say they don’t have a record of emergency phone calls made from the home that Williams and Suggs share.

Maryland Personal Injury

If you have been a victim of physical assault, you may have grounds for filing a Maryland injury lawsuit against your assailant. A civil complaint is separate from a criminal case and allows an injury victim to obtain financial recovery for any harm suffered. Personal injury compensation can include damages for medical costs, recovery, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other damages.

There are domestic violence victims and victims of other violent crimes inflicted by stranger assailants that have sued their attackers and won. Examples of personal injuries stemming from assault crimes can include bruises, broken bones, gunshot wounds, traumatic brain injuries, emotional trauma, mental anguish, and wrongful death. There also may be other parties that can be held liable.

A Maryland personal injury plaintiff has three years to file a lawsuit seeking damages.

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