Psychiatrist Accused of Sexual Misconduct Has Settled Maryland Injury Lawsuits from Alleged Victims

Psychiatrist Nelson H. Hendler is defending himself in a case brought by a former patient who says that he sexually abused her. This is not the first accusation against the once prominent physician, who lost his license to practice medicine in February 2006 after the Maryland Board of Physicians determined that he committed sexual misconduct against several patients and gave out medication even though he didn’t have the proper permit.

The woman who brought this case claims that Hendler acted with her the way he did with his other patient victims. He allegedly convinced a number of patients that he was the only person who could help them and then took sexual advantage of them. Hendler is also accused of giving medication to women, even those who didn’t have prescriptions for the drugs, in exchange for sexual favors. Hendler has already settled a number of Maryland injury lawsuits against him from some of the women that are alleging medical malpractice and sexual abuse.

In 2007, Hendler submitted an Alford plea to one count of possession with intent to distribute drugs. The psychiatrist acknowledged there was enough evidence to convict him but did not plead guilty. He received a probation sentence before judgment, which caused a conviction to be staved off.

Medical Malpractice

Sexual abuse is a crime. Medical professionals can also be held liable for Maryland medical malpractice if they commit sexual abuse, molestation, sexual assault, or rape while treating a patient. Other examples of Maryland psychiatric malpractice include:

• Wrong Diagnosis
• False imprisonment
• Breach of privacy
• Mental abuse
• Medication errors
• Emotional abuse
• Wrong treatment
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