7-Year-Old Girl Injured in Dundalk, Maryland Dog Attack Sustained Severe Facial Injuries

According to the mother of Amanda Mitchell, the 7-year-old girl will likely have to undergo several surgeries for the severe facial injuries she sustained when she was attacked by two American Bull Dogs earlier this month. The two dogs have been put down.

Baltimore County Police say that Mitchell was riding her bicycle when the two dogs got out of a neighbor’s yard and attacked her. On ABC2news.com, her mom Shelda Lambert is quoted as saying that her daughter’s “whole face ripped away.” Lambert also got hurt during the Maryland dog attack as she tried to fight the dogs off her daughter.

While no criminal charges are being filed against Tina Baker, the dog’s owner, she has been fined $3,600 over numerous citations.

Facial Injuries and Dog Bites

According to the California Surgical Institute, dog bites are the cause of about 44,000 facial injuries annually. 60% of the victims are usually small kids. Because of their small size and height, kids’ faces are easy for dogs to reach. Examples of dog bite injuries to the face:

• Fractures
• Eye damage
• Puncture wounds
• Nerve damage
• Jaw injuries
• Scarring
• Disfigurement

Each state has its own law when it comes to holding a dog owner liable for injuries inflicted by an animal. Dog owners can be held liable for a Maryland dog attack by a dog considered dangerous. A dog doesn’t need to have injured anyone before to fall under the dangerous dog category. Aggressive behavior alone can be a sign that the animal may pose a danger to others.

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