Author and Pulitzer Prize Winning-Journalist David Halberstam Dies In Car Accident

David Halberstam, a Pulitzer Prize winning-journalist known for writing a number of well-regarded nonfiction books, including “The Best and the Brightest,” “The Powers that Be,” and “The Fifties,” died in a car accident on April 23 in Menlo Park, California. The 73-year-old writer was headed to an interview with Hall of Fame quarterback Y.A. Tittle to talk about the famous 1958 NFL championship game between the New York Giants and the Baltimore Colts when the car he was riding in was hit by another vehicle.

The driver of the vehicle that Halberstam was riding in and the driver whose car struck Halberstam’s car were both injured. Halberstam was declared dead at the car accident scene from what early reports say were internal injuries.

Car accidents can lead to serious injuries, even death. Injuries in a car accident can include neck injuries, back injuries, head injuries, broken bones, fractures, severed limbs, burns, as well as minor injuries. If you are injured in a car accident, it is important that you seek medical help right away so your injuries can be treated. You should also document as many details of the accident as you can remember.

A good personal injury lawyer can help you get your injuries assessed so that you can claim the maximum recovery possible from the liable party.

Common Types of Recovery in Personal Injury Suits:

An injured party may seek to recover their losses in a civil lawsuit. Additionally, a victim’s family members may also be eligible to recover for losses suffered as a result of the victim’s injuries.

General Damages. General damages compensate losses related to the injury that are not easily quantifiable. General damages include compensation for pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life.

Loss of Consortium. The spouse of an injured party may bring a claim for loss of consortium. Loss of consortium damages compensate the spouse for any lost affection, solace, comfort and sexual relations which may result after an injury. In some jurisdictions, parents may also recover for loss of consortium of a child.

Lost Earning Capacity. If an injury has interfered with a party’s ability to earn money in the future, the injured party may be entitled to damages for lost earning capacity. The court will consider a number of factors in determining how much the individual would have earned in ensuing years but for the injury.

Lost Wages. An injured party may recover any wages lost from the date of the injury to the date of settlement or judgment.

Medical Expenses. An injured party may recover medical expenses incurred in connection with the injury.

Punitive Damages. The goal of punitive damages is not to compensate the plaintiff, but to punish the defendant. Punitive damages may be awarded any time the defendant engages in reckless or intentional wrongdoing.

Wrongful Death. If a victim dies from their injuries, family members may bring a wrongful death action that will compensate them for the loss of the victim.

A personal injury attorney can also file a wrongful death claim if you are someone whose loved one was killed because of another’s negligence in a motor vehicle accident.

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