Baltimore City Paramedics Rescue Injured Maryland Worker After 10-Foot Wall Collapses

A worker was pulled from the rubble of a building basement on Tuesday after a 10-foot-masonry wall collapsed on him. According to Fire Division Chief Jeffrey Segal, the worker sustained injuries but they were not serious.

The building where the worker was found is located at 207 E. Redwood St. and is undergoing major renovations.

Because of the Maryland Workers’ Compensation law, construction workers and other employees injured on the job cannot sue their employer if they are injured in an accident.

Workers’ compensation guarantees employees injury benefits even if the employee was the one at fault in causing the accident. However, just because you file a claim with your company’s insurer does not mean that your claim won’t be denied or the insurer may find a reason for why you should not receive the full scope of benefits that you believe you are entitled to.

An experienced Maryland workers’ compensation lawyer can protect your rights and ensure that you are given the compensation that you are eligible for.

A few important facts to know about Maryland Workers’ Compensation Law:

• For workers’ compensation to cover your injury, your injury must have occurred while you were doing your job.

• In order to avail of workers’ compensation from an employer, you must be an employee of that employer.

• Your injury must have been sustained in a work-related accident.

• If you sustained an occupational disease while at work—even though there was no accident—you are eligible to receive benefits under workers’ compensation.

Man hurt after wall collapses downtown, Baltimore Sun, November 6, 2007

Maryland Workers’ Compensation Law

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