Baltimore City Train Incident: Man Dragged 10 Feet By Subway After His Arm Gets Caught In Moving Door

A man who was dragged 10 feet by a moving subway train today was taken to Maryland Shock Trauma Center for evaluation. The Baltimore train incident occurred at the Charles Center station in Baltimore at around midday.

According to Baltimore City fire department spokesperson Kevin Cartwright, the man’s arm got caught in the door of a moving train. He was eventually able to get unstuck and fell on the station platform.

Paramedics and rescue workers treated him at the scene. While the man showed “no obvious injuries,” he was placed in a neck brace and is still being monitored.

Maryland Train Accidents

Contrary to what people might think, train accident injuries don’t have to involve an actual rail car collision. Injuries can also occur at the station, which is why train operators and/or others in charge of supervising safety must make sure that when they are closing train doors that no one is caught in them or that no one has fallen onto the tracks or in between train cars. Otherwise, serious injuries can result.

For example, according to one 32-year-old man, he had to break his own arm to free himself after he got caught in a train’s doors last year. The train then dragged him along the platform and he had to jog along to keep up. As he was headed toward a wall, he said he had to do whatever he could “to get out.” The man ended up sustaining multiple fractures, a head injury, and an arm wound and has since filed a personal injury lawsuit. He claims that the conductor had waved him forward to board the train. Two years ago, a blind man was killed after he fell in between two Metro cars and was run over. His mother has filed a wrongful death lawsuit claiming that the train operator could have been more careful when leaving the station. She also contends barriers should have been put in place so that someone with the victim’s disabilities wouldn’t have mistaken the gap between the cars as an open train door.

Our Baltimore train accident lawyers are experienced in handling cases involving injuries related to train accidents, train operator negligence, and other incidents at train stations.

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