Can Maryland Birthing Malpractice Cause Autism?

According to researchers from Brown University and Harvard School of Public Health, complications and problems during and after birth might increase the chances of a child developing autism. While the authors acknowledged that the causes of autism are not known, they were able to narrow down the factors that could be linked to autism, including:

• Birth injury
• Birth trauma
• Low 5-minute Apgar score
• Meconium aspiration
• Maternal hemorrhage
• Abnormal presentation
• Multiple births
• Umbilical cord complications
• A birth that occurs during the summer
• RH or AB incompatibility
• Small for gestational age
• Congenital malformation
• Hyperbilirubinemia
• Fetal distress
• Low birth weight
• Neonatal anemia
• Low oxygen during delivery
• Fetal distress

While some of these factors are out of an obstetrician’s hands, there are ways to prevent certain birth injuries from happening. For example, monitoring the fetus’s vital statistics, as well as that of the mother, making sure that the baby gets enough oxygen, and not making any medical mistakes that could cause Maryland birth injury or trauma.

To have your child diagnosed with autism can be a severe blow for the entire family. Not only might your child never be able to live a “normal” life, but he/she will likely require costly therapies and other services to help them deal with their special needs. Some autistic children may never be able to support themselves or live independently. Your child may have to contend with bullying and emotional isolation while growing up. Autism takes a toll on the entire family.

If you believe that a medical mistake before, during, or after birth caused your son/daughter to develop autism, you may have grounds for a Baltimore birthing malpractice lawsuit.

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