Baltimore Police Officer Suspended Over YouTube Video Showing Him Manhandling Teenager

Baltimore Police Officer Salvatore Rivieri was suspended this week after a video of him roughing up a 14-year-old skateboarder appeared on YouTube.

In the video, Rivieri approaches a group of skateboarding teenagers. After telling them they are not allowed to skateboard at Inner Harbor, Rivieri grabbed Eric Bush, putting the teen in a headlock and threatening to strike him for his lack of respect.

Bush says he did not hear the officer when he told them not to skate. Rivieri was not aware that another boy was recording the incident.

Police brutality is a crime, and victims of this type of violence are entitled to claim damages from the perpetrator or any other responsible parties. A Maryland personal injury attorney can help you explore your legal options.

The issue of excessive violence by Baltimore police officers has been in the media limelight lately. Just last week, a Baltimore mother filed a $40 million police brutality lawsuit against another police officer for allegedly breaking the jaw of her 16-year-old son.

Mendolyn Lewis alleges that Baltimore Police Officer Ray Woodward hit her son Tevin James in the face while searching him for drugs. Tevin sustained several fractures to his jaw, which had to be wired shut. He also underwent several hours of surgery.

The teenager said he was walking home from driving school on January 23 when Woodward stopped him. He says that a car pulled up to the curb, Woodward asked him what he was doing, got out of the car, and stood facing the teenager.

Woodward then allegedly hit Tevin in the face. Tevin says he was not doing anything illegal at the time of the attack.

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